Nitro PDF Reader v5.5.9.2

Nitro PDF Reader 是一款多功能 PDF 阅读器,除标准的 PDF 阅读功能(阅读、注释、导航、表单)外,Nitro PDF Reader 还会自动安装一个 Nitro PDF Creator 的虚拟打印机,可以轻松制作 PDF 文件。

Nitro Reader UI更新日志

* Type Text Smart Alignment provides dynamic visuaguides to accurately align typed text in reference
to other text, form fields, annotations, images, shapes, and other page elements
* Spellcheck available in aleditable text fields and text-based annotationsEnhancements
* Upgraded Interface maintains the Microsoft Office 2013 look and feel
* Multi-Thread Rendering loads documents even quicker
* QuickSign feature supports signature capture via webcam and also by hand on touch display
* Rendering improvements
* Generaperformance enhancementsResolved Issues
* Security vulnerability identified and resolved
* Multiple bug fixes and updates

* Repairing Nitro Reader 3 fails after being installed from a media device that is no longer available
* Text Rendering improvements
* Various other fixes and stability improvements

* Form improvements across many areas of Nitro Reader 3
* Insufficient Privileges error may display when updating Nitro Reader 3
* Various other fixes and stability improvements

* XML Forms Architecture (XFA) enhancements across many areas of Nitro Reader 3
* WebDAV fail’s to open documents from the Open dialogue
* Various other fixes and stability improvements


Resolved Issues
General Security and Stability improvements


New Features
•XML Forms Architecture (XFA) documents are now rendered and accessible within Nitro ReaderEnhancements
•Portable Collection / Portfolio Documents containing attached files are now easier to work with
•through the ‘Attachments’ paneResolved Issues
•Web Browser Plugin contains several significant updates
•General rendering and performance enhancement across many areas of Nitro Reader 3

•Fixed: Unable to save PDF from web browser plugin via the save button

•Remember Last Location initiates Open and Save dialogues in the directory you were last working in
•Google Search is available for words that are highlighted in the web browser plugin through the right click context menu
•Unused fonts are now removed from PDF documents during creation
•Enable IE plugin easily through Help > Support Tools, when Nitro Pro is installed
•Subset fonts are now marked within PDF documents passing online validation systems
•Significant rendering improvements
•Significant stability improvements
•Nitro Creator freezes host application when the user has insufficient privileges to access the virtual printer


Resolved Issues
•Windows 8 users are not able to enable the Nitro Web Browser plugin within IE on install
•Unable to search rotated characters within a PDF document
•General stability improvements

•General stability and rendering improvements

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